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I am so excited to show you what I’ve been working on for the past couple of months….Happytown Play Sets!

Happytown is a place where there are always lots of delightful things going on, and your child’s imagination (or yours!) is the only limit to how much fun everyone can have.

Patterns for all of the Happytown Play Sets can be found in my Etsy shop.

When my daughter was younger, she had a set of small, soft dolls. They were really simple, but she loved to play with them. They were great for car rides, appointments, “nap” time (when there wasn’t much napping going on, lol) or just any time she wanted to make up a story about what these small people were doing and where they were going. My wish is that these play sets spark that creativity for your kids or grandkids in the same way.

Their adorable faces, sweet clothes and funny pets don’t negate the fact that they are really, really easy to make, and quick, too! They don’t require a huge investment in materials, and they would be so fun to mix and match multiple sets.

I have so many more ideas for sets to come in the (hopefully near) future, but for now, meet these sweet and happy inhabitants of Happytown…

With cold weather approaching, it’s only right to first introduce Arthur, Alex and Zoe as they have fun in the snow and build a snowman!

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Arthur Alex Zoe_1

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Arthur Alex Zoe_2

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Arthur Alex Zoe_3

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Arthur Alex Zoe_4

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Arthur Alex Zoe_5



Next up is Maisie and her brother Max who, along with their dog Rascal, are flying a kite on a beautiful and breezy spring day.

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_MaisieMax_1

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_MaisieMax_2

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_MaisieMax_3



Ruthie and Kate have a lemonade stand, and Ollie the Golden Retriever wants to join in the fun, too!

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Ruthie and Kate_1

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Ruthie and Kate_2

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Ruthie and Kate_3



Next up is Sam and Grandpa working in the garden. The sunflowers are tall this year!

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Sam and Grandpa_1

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Sam and Grandpa_2


Gracie loves to spend time at her Nana’s house. They laugh, share funny stories and bake yummy cookies. Mittens the cat is always nearby to give her opinion, of course.

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Nana and Gracie_1

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Nana and Gracie_2

Happytown Play Sets by LolliDolls_Nana and Gracie_3



I really hope these play sets bring many, many hours of fun and lots of happy stories to playtime at your house!
You can see all of these patterns and more in the Lolli Dolls Etsy shop:

Lolli Dolls on Etsy


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Lovely Delia – New Wool Felt Doll Pattern

The entire time I was working on Ellie, Grace and Rosie, I kept envisioning a doll with a bonnet, pantaloons and little black dancing slippers. That doll had to wait while I finished up my first three dolls, but I finally got to bring her to life. Introducing Delia! You can find the pattern for Delia in my Etsy shop.

Lolli Dolls Delia 1

Similar to Ellie, Gracie and Rosie, Delia is inspired by illustrations from the 1920s, but this time it’s the drawings of girls in their wind-swept, voluminous skirts, ruffled petticoats and pantaloons and those amazing bonnets that filled my head as I worked on her. I’ve also always loved the amazingly detailed Lenci dolls that were so popular in the 20s – especially their felt clothing and flowers, so those served to guide me as I designed Delia, too.

And the clothes of the Jane Austen era were just so feminine, weren’t they? I had so much fun designing and sewing the clothes for Delia. Along with her dress, the pattern include a blouse, petticoat, pin-tucked pantaloons, shoes and of course, the bonnet. Ahhh, the bonnet. It was challenging to figure out, but I loved working on it! There’s just something about little colorful felt roses that makes me happy.

I hope you fall in love with Delia the way I did. The PDF pattern is available HERE.


Lolli Dolls Delia 2

Lolli Dolls Delia 3

Lolli Dolls Delia 4


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My talented customers!

One of the neatest things about selling doll patterns is seeing what my amazingly talented customers do with them. It’s fascinating to me to see how they put their own stamp on a design to make it truly unique and beautiful. And even if someone recreates one of my dolls or designs exactly as I’ve written them, that item is still going to be slightly different and very much their own. I’m so excited to show you the work of two people whose dolls just blew me away…aren’t they simply gorgeous?

Jenn used the pattern for Poppy to create this lovely doll that is so pretty in purple velvet…and the adorable dog is a bonus, too:

Jenn Poppyversion


And Vicki made this absolutely stunning version of Matilda – didn’t she do a great job on her face? And I love the colors she chose:

Vicki Matilda


If you have made one of my dolls and want to send me a photo, I would be so happy!

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Old-fashioned Christmas craftiness

One of my fondest memories (and a memory that is common to many of us, I think), is making felt ornaments with my mother and sister. They were classic – snowmen and bells. I can still remember sewing the sequins on with seed beads and whip stitching the edges. Last night, as my mother, my sister and my daughter decorated my mom’s tree, we unpacked and hung those very ornaments, reminiscing the whole time. I’ve always wanted to make my own patterns for classic ornaments like that, so this year I created a set of ornaments featuring Santa, Rudolph and all of the reindeer. Each reindeer is different, and for me, part of the fun is how each one has their own little personality. I have these hanging on my tree now, and I have to say, it is so much fun to look up and see them amidst the lights, the greenery and the shiny ornaments!

You can find them in my Etsy shop (

Santa BLOG

Rudolph BLOG

3Reindeer BLOG

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Cecil, Orville and Fletcher – more fun patterns!

Sometimes it takes me a while to fully form an idea for a new project. And sometimes the ideas spring fully-formed into my head. It was like that with this trio of owl friends. I even knew what their names were going to be right away – Cecil, Orville and Fletcher. These patterns are quick and so much fun to make! I used more of that wonderful 100% wool felt from Janet at Felt on the Fly on Etsy in rich jewel tones. These would look great on your Christmas tree, but to be honest, I’m going to hang mine around my house all year long. They would make wonderful gifts for friends, too! Fly on over to Lolli Dolls, my Etsy shop, for these patterns. And when you purchase all three patterns at once you get a discount!

BLOG 3Owls

BLOG Cecil

BLOG Fletcher

BLOG Frmd Owls

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Vintage Seed Annual Ornaments – new patterns!

I am finally premiering some new patterns in my Etsy shop – yay! I have loved vintage seed packets and seed annuals for a long time, and I was so excited to recreate two 1800s seed annuals as felt ornaments. 100% wool felt is so much fun to work with – the feel of it, how it behaves…there’s just nothing like it! You can make these seed annuals as ornaments or as framed art. Because they are three-dimensional, they look wonderful in a shadow box frame. 

Perry and CurrieBLOG

PerrySeeds BLOG

CurrieBros BLOG

PerrySeedsFrame Blog



Matilda and Poppy – PDF Rag Doll Patterns now available

It’s always such a wonderful feeling when inspiration strikes, and this time it was a desire to do something fun with lots of patterned fabrics in wonderful colors. Thus, Matilda and Poppy were born! I also had the itch to draw or paint some colorful faces, and that, along with some rag doll inspiration, led to these two fun dolls. They are not difficult to make, and there are lots of possibilities for variations depending on the colors and fabrics you choose. The PDF patterns are available in my Etsy shop – clicking on the window to the right will take you there. I will also have some kits made with all of the fabrics gathered for you, which makes it easy to get started making your own right away!

Matilda is ready for chilly weather with her lovely dress and handmade pom poms to warm her ears:

Matilda Finished White Full BLOG

Matilda Finished White Partial BLOG

Matilda 2up BLOG

Poppy is reminiscent of the 60s with her bright colors, A-line dress and flowery headband:

Poppy white Full BLOG

Poppy White Partial BLOG