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Lovely Delia – New Wool Felt Doll Pattern

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The entire time I was working on Ellie, Grace and Rosie, I kept envisioning a doll with a bonnet, pantaloons and little black dancing slippers. That doll had to wait while I finished up my first three dolls, but I finally got to bring her to life. Introducing Delia! You can find the pattern for Delia in my Etsy shop.

Lolli Dolls Delia 1

Similar to Ellie, Gracie and Rosie, Delia is inspired by illustrations from the 1920s, but this time it’s the drawings of girls in their wind-swept, voluminous skirts, ruffled petticoats and pantaloons and those amazing bonnets that filled my head as I worked on her. I’ve also always loved the amazingly detailed Lenci dolls that were so popular in the 20s – especially their felt clothing and flowers, so those served to guide me as I designed Delia, too.

And the clothes of the Jane Austen era were just so feminine, weren’t they? I had so much fun designing and sewing the clothes for Delia. Along with her dress, the pattern include a blouse, petticoat, pin-tucked pantaloons, shoes and of course, the bonnet. Ahhh, the bonnet. It was challenging to figure out, but I loved working on it! There’s just something about little colorful felt roses that makes me happy.

I hope you fall in love with Delia the way I did. The PDF pattern is available HERE.


Lolli Dolls Delia 2

Lolli Dolls Delia 3

Lolli Dolls Delia 4



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