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The first Lolli Girls are here!

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These three girls are a culmination of so many thing that have inspired me for a long, long time – the endlessly-charming illustrations from the Golden Age of Illustration, little girls’ clothing from the 1920s, the beautiful colors and tactile quality of wool felt and a little bit of embroidery. I’m so happy to showcase Ellie, Grace and Rosie here! My daughter inspired me while I was designing these, from helping me to name them to her suggestion to sew a little embroidered heart on each one (which you can’t see here because of their clothes…they are modest girls, but of course!)

You can find the PDF/eBook patterns in my Etsy shop, along with finished dolls and kits with the supplies to make each of them. There’s even an essential tool kit so you can get started sooner! Just click the “Lolli Dolls” link on the right or click here:


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